The Town of Viking Shoots for Net-Zero on Municipal Buildings

Another Alberta town takes advantage of the funding provided through the Alberta Municipal Solar Program. The Town of Viking, Alberta, is aiming to produce a majority of its municipal electrical needs using solar energy. Following the Town of Raymond, Viking will become the second municipality in Alberta to be net-zero.

Viking town council initially considered solar photovoltaic systems on multiple sites but ultimately decided on one large ground-mounted solar PV system. By consolidating the project into one location, the town will receive greater benefit from the solar funding program.

Our team at Dandelion Renewables is well into the installation phase of the ground-mounted project, covering almost six acres of swampy prairie land. The transformation of a once boggy grazing field into a renewable energy solar power plant, just east of Viking, is projected to be completed this coming spring of 2020.

A total of 2880 ground-mounted solar modules will provide the town with 1.05MW of power. That is enough energy to power 215 average Albertan households year-round!

Stay tuned for progress pictures and updates over the next weeks and months!

Federal Carbon Tax to be Returned to Schools for Energy Efficiency programs

On June 25th, 2019, the Federal Government announced its new plan of action for carbon taxes. In the provinces of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and New Brunswick, due to the lack of a provincial carbon tax, the Federal Government has imposed its own carbon tax. Of the new federal carbon tax funds collected, $60million will be distributed to schools in 2019/20 in these provinces. 
Although Alberta was not originally in the list of provinces, due to the passing of the provincial government legislation to remove carbon tax, Alberta will also be added to the list of the abovementioned  provinces in January 2020. 
The $60 million granted to schools will be done so, to support projects that incentivize energy efficiency programs focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This means, government sectors such as public schools will have the opportunity to implement energy efficiency systems in their buildings. 
The funding will also cover anything related to improving the amount of energy consumed. Things like led lights, energy efficiency windows, heating, and cooling systems. With this initiative, we will see a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emission and an increase in solar systems installed in schools throughout Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Ontario. 
After all, what better way to teach future generations about caring for the environment than providing programs that allow them to learn first hand how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

More Government and Energy Efficiency Alberta Solar Funding Available

Great news in the land of sunny Alberta! Energy Efficiency of Alberta has updated their funding rates for its Residential and Commercial Solar Program (RCSP) as of Nov 2018. All new applications submitted right now will qualify for these new rates. Even better news for our Edmontonian neighbors, the City of Edmonton Residential solar grant is still available for additional funding. Here is a breakdown of the rates for funding:

Rates based on installed solar DC capacity in Watts:

CustomersCity of EdmontonRest of Alberta

Lesser of:

$0.90/Watt or 35% of total project cost ( maximum grant value of $10,000)


Lesser of:

$0.90/Watt or 35% of the total project cost

(maximum grant value of $10,000)


Lesser of:

$0.75/Watt or 35% of the total project cost

(maximum grant value of $1,000,000)

Non-Profit Organizations

Lesser of:

$1.00/Watt or 35% of the total project cost

(maximum grant value of $1,000,000)

The increase in the funding rates is meant to generate further interest in the program. In 2019, the Government of Alberta would like to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our province by about half a million tons (the equivalent of 70,000 passenger vehicles off the road) through the implementation of this program.

To learn more about the program and it’s details, feel free to visit the Energy Efficiency Alberta website at, Thank you to all of our existing customers who have installed a system with Dandelion Renewables and have benefited greatly through this program. To our prospective customers, we welcome you to contact us to see how you can benefit from a grid-tied solar PV system and from the new Government funding rates. We will be happy to assist you with sizing a PV system size to meet your needs and calculate the funds that you will be eligible for. We look forward to hearing from you!

Alberta Indigenous Solar and Community Energy Program

On October 5th, 2016, the Alberta Government launched The Alberta Indigenous Solar Program and Community Energy Program. The programs will provide grants to Alberta native communities and organizations to support solar energy systems and energy efficiency on facilities owned by Indigenous or organizations of the First Nations people. Alberta Indigenous Solar Program provides funding for up to 60% of eligible expenses up to a maximum of $200,000 per project. The applications opened on October 5th, 2016 and will remain open for submission until $2.5M program grant funding is exhausted. Alberta Indigenous Community Energy Program provides 100% funding for energy assessments up to a maximum of $90,000 per project. Key Eligibility Requirements:
  1. Applicable for native communities, indigenous-led organizations, including friendship centers, and indigenous community-owned businesses.
  2. Solar power systems greater than or equal to 2 kilowatt DC and less than or equal to 1 megawatt DC in installation capacity.
  3. Energy assessments for Indigenous community-owned buildings.
  4. Solar systems must be completed within one year of signing the grant application.
More information can be found at Alberta Indigenous Solar And: Alberta Indigenous Community Energy Program