Canadian Solar Incentives

The key solar incentives that Canada has is a fantastic solar resource. That benefit does not depend on political environment and will stay here for Canadians to utilize forever. Specifically, the following Canadian regions have exceptionally good solar energy potential: Okanagan, Interior BC, Central and Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, South-west Manitoba.

Unlike other countries in the world Canadians are allowed to interconnect grid-tie solar power systems to the utility grid. We often do not appreciate that opportunity to interconnect and take it for granted. After working in Hawaii, Western Samoa and British Virgin Islands we realized that government monopoly on solar power or distribution constraints create significant barriers for solar development in those places of the world.

Canadian Federal Government helps the solar power industry with faster tax depreciation for CCA Class 43.2 where solar assets can be allocated. For Canadian business faster depreciation of solar energy assets allows to reduce taxable income in the years following the investment in solar power. Potential future implementation countrywide introduction of a Carbon Tax could also have a great potential to increase the value of solar energy in Canada.

In addition to the solar incentives mentioned above, each province has a unique set of solar incentive programs and rules.