Dandelion Renewables is a well trusted company in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan as a solar power provider with hundreds of solar projects completed since 2011. We provide solar EPC services (engineering procurement construction) for both ground-mounted and roof-top solar power projects.

Over the years solar power became one of the primary areas of our expertise, as solar technology complements the feasibility studies that we perform very nicely. We believe solar power is an essential component for building a sustainable society in a financially self-sustaining way.

What makes us different

Dandelion Renewables believes in making a positive contribution to our planet in a financially conscious way. This is why we take the time to find all the options and propose only the best to you. Our feasibility study is an essential part of the process that typically allows us to diminish your power consumption first and then design a renewable energy system that fulfills all of the needs of your house, business or farm. We will help you make educated choices for your own solar/wind power generation and energy conservation - the long-term choices will save you money while saving our planet for future generations.


We ensure that the choices you make are meeting your long-term goals. We strive to have the best solar installation team in Western Canada, deliver the best quality components, maintain the highest standard of installation and commissioning, and use the best system performance monitoring tools. In the long-run, all of these components will make a difference to your bottom line and leave you satisfied with your choice.


We are 100% open minded in terms of the system design options and brands of the components you choose. If a particular technology does not work for your application or geographic location, we will be up-front to state that. We will also do our best to propose an alternative solution for your consideration.


Engineering: we promise to study your needs to create a solar power or wind power system that brings the best economic value for you while being the great solution for the environment.

Procurement: we source out the best quality components at the best market value. We promise to maximize the return on investment and never compromise quality for profit.

Installation: we promise to install your renewable energy system to satisfy the highest industry standards in the fastest possible fashion.


Our Services

  • Solar system design, engineering, procurement, construction (EPC)
  • Net-zero solar design
  • Third-party commissioning for solar projects and solar farms
  • Pile-driving and mechanical installation for ground-mount solar projects
  • Modelling and optimization of renewable energy resources
  • Structural, geotechnical and electrical engineering
  • Operation and maintenance for solar and wind energy systems
  • Energy storage, hybrid systems, off-grid and renewable energy design and integration
  • Microgrid designs and turn-key installations
  • Renewable energy feasibility studies | solar | wind
  • Solar water pumping, irrigation, aeration and solar lights
  • Wind site assessments and wind power due diligence
  • Energy assessment | energy-efficiency audit | farms | agribusinesses | commercial | industrial |schools | residential
  • Electric car charging stations design | engineering | installation