Federal Carbon Tax to be Returned to Schools for Energy Efficiency programs

On June 25th, 2019, the Federal Government announced its new plan of action for carbon taxes. In the provinces of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and New Brunswick, due to the lack of a provincial carbon tax, the Federal Government has imposed its own carbon tax. Of the new federal carbon tax funds collected, $60million will be distributed to schools in 2019/20 in these provinces. 
Although Alberta was not originally in the list of provinces, due to the passing of the provincial government legislation to remove carbon tax, Alberta will also be added to the list of the abovementioned  provinces in January 2020. 
The $60 million granted to schools will be done so, to support projects that incentivize energy efficiency programs focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This means, government sectors such as public schools will have the opportunity to implement energy efficiency systems in their buildings. 
The funding will also cover anything related to improving the amount of energy consumed. Things like led lights, energy efficiency windows, heating, and cooling systems. With this initiative, we will see a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emission and an increase in solar systems installed in schools throughout Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Ontario. 
After all, what better way to teach future generations about caring for the environment than providing programs that allow them to learn first hand how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Solar Power for Schools and Municipalities

All across the globe community owned wind and solar projects are becoming more common. Many different groups benefit from a community project: residents, investors, the municipality, and the project developer. Here at Dandelion Renewables we believe that the time has come for Alberta’s communities to begin investing in these projects to ensure that the benefits are localized, and are felt for as long as possible. We have the expertise to both, advocate for community owned projects in your area, and to present this idea to your local government. We would love to hear from you if you live in a community where you think a community owned solar project would be supported. Alternatively, maybe you are interested in investing locally in renewable energy projects but have natural limitations on your own site, contact us to be a part of community power projects in Alberta.