July 23, 2020

When installing a new solar power system at home or in the office, most people often get confused about selecting the right type of solar energy system. This is mainly because of the lack of understanding of different solar technologies in the market, like on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid solar systems. If you’re investing in solar … Continue reading “Grid-Tied Vs. Off-Grid Solar Power System – Which One Is Best?”

July 15, 2020

The Sun provides Earth with immense energy, and if we could harness its full potential, even for one hour, it would be enough to meet global energy needs for one year. Unfortunately, we are only able to collect a fraction of this energy, but doing so using solar panels can make a significant difference. What … Continue reading “Tips For Buying A Solar PV Panel System For Your Home”

July 8, 2020

By integrating modern-day beekeeping concepts like ‘solar honey’ with energy-efficient bee farming techniques, beekeepers in Alberta can discover serious cost-saving opportunities. In a somewhat shocking report published in September of 2019, the Alberta Beekeepers Commission reported some of the lowest honey yields in nearly 4 decades. Compared to the past three-year average, over half of … Continue reading “Eco-Friendly Cost-Saving Opportunities for Alberta Beekeepers – Energy-Efficient Beekeeping”

June 26, 2020

Semi-transparent solar cells are a relatively new solar technology that allow light to partially pass through the panels while also delivering light-to-electricity conversion. The possibilities offered by semi-transparent solar panels include their integration as skylights and windows of buildings, referred to generally as building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV). The semi-transparent characteristics of BIPV technology also has the … Continue reading “Solar Windows and Solar Buildings: Understanding Building Integrated Photovoltaic Systems”

June 19, 2020

There are always those early adopters who lead the way when it comes to embracing change. Going solar is no different. Using conventional power sources, electricity costs for the Village of Ryley would run as high as $14,000 a year, plus an additional $5,000 in distribution and service charges. The village council sought a solar … Continue reading “The Village Of Ryley’s Solar Project Is An Inspiration For Others”

June 5, 2020

What is the AMSP? The Alberta Municipal Solar Program (AMSP) facilitates Albertan municipalities in the installation of micro-generation solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on lands and facilities administered by the municipality. According to the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre (MCCAC) website, municipalities can avail the AMSP to get rebates of up to 30% of the total … Continue reading “The Town Of Viking Takes Advantage of the Alberta Municipal Solar Program”

November 22, 2019

Another Alberta town takes advantage of the funding provided through the Alberta Municipal Solar Program. The Town of Viking, Alberta, is aiming to produce a majority of its municipal electrical needs using solar energy. Following the Town of Raymond, Viking will become the second municipality in Alberta to be net-zero. Viking town council initially considered … Continue reading “The Town of Viking Shoots for Net-Zero on Municipal Buildings”

November 22, 2019

Edmonton, Alberta, 21/11/2019 — Dandelion Renewables participates in a panel discussion about opportunities of utility-scale solar developments at “Alberta is Canada’s Solar Power House” hosted by the Solar Energy Society of Alberta (SESA).

November 21, 2019

Edmonton, Alberta, 20/11/2019 — Dandelion Renewables participated in the 5th Annual Indigenous Green Energy Forum at the River Cree Resort and Casino Event Centre, Enoch Cree Nation, Treaty No.6 on November 20th, 2019. The forum brought together Indigenous Leaders, Investors, and experts in Renewable Energy to demonstrate experience and accomplishments towards sharing best practices for … Continue reading “Dandelion Renewables is in the 5th Annual Indigenous Green Energy Forum-2019”

November 14, 2019

Question: Who is authorized to conduct a farm-specific energy-efficiency audit? Answer: The engineering professionals with the technical skills to conduct energy audits and who have experience with farms. Additionally, you can look at Dandelion Renewables Energy-Efficiency case studies, the Agricultural Energy-Efficiency analytical review and financing programs in 2019 for increasing irrigation systems efficiency. Question: What information is required for … Continue reading “Farm Energy-efficiency FAQs”

July 30, 2019

While the province of Alberta rolls back on the climate action measures and withdraws the incentives for renewable energy programs, the City of Edmonton has announced its CHANGE HOMES FOR CLIMATE – SOLAR PROGRAM. The City is offering Edmontonians $0.40/watt towards the cost of the system, which is roughly 15% of the cost of going solar!  Edmonton is one … Continue reading “Change Homes for Climate – Edmonton Solar Program”

July 1, 2019

On June 25th, 2019, the Federal Government announced its new plan of action for carbon taxes. In the provinces of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and New Brunswick, due to the lack of a provincial carbon tax, the Federal Government has imposed its own carbon tax. Of the new federal carbon tax funds collected, $60million will be distributed … Continue reading “Federal Carbon Tax to be Returned to Schools for Energy Efficiency programs”