Top 5 Reasons To Install A Solar Power System In 2020

This blog will share with you the top 5 reasons why you should consider building or expanding a solar power system to start generating electricity in the year 2020. Apart from solar power advantages that are known by many, there are some specific benefits that are now offered for homeowners, landowners, and commercial building owners who invest in solar energy and get their solar power system up and running before the end of this year.

1. Receive solar rebates

Here is something really exciting for owners of solar PV (photovoltaic) systems. Solar PV systems built in Edmonton, Canada, on residential homes, have an opportunity to receive a rebate toward the construction costs of the system. Also, there are rebates available to municipalities across Alberta for building solar PV systems on buildings or ground-mounted.

These are example programs, and there are more solar PV rebate programs available in Alberta. See our website or give us a call for more details.

The rebates provide an additional savings advantage to system owners on top of recurring future electrical bill savings, and environmental benefits.

The rebate incentives administered by provincial and municipal authorities are aimed to promote an environmentally friendly energy resource that’s not only good for the owners but also beneficial for the climate and our planet in the longer run.

2. Lower your electric utility bill

With new developments in the solar energy industry, solar panels have become stronger and more efficient in reducing your utility bills. These systems now offer more energy production than ever before. Advanced technology enables home-owners to get powerful solar power systems that can transform significant amounts of light from the sun into electrical energy, hence reducing the need for grid electricity. The reduced amount of electricity used form the grid reduces power bill costs, plus credits on your bills generated from excess solar power that your system shares into the grid.

3. Enhance your home’s value

Solar PV systems not only provide you with utility bills reduction but from a real estate perspective, these systems also enhance the value of your home. It is a double-sided financial advantage to homeowners. In this way, you could have an extra cushion when selling your home, attracting buyers who are interested in having lower power bills down the road. When compared to another house of the same size and structure, your solar power equipped home could be giving you valuable billing kickbacks because of its self-sufficiency in energy.

The cost of installing a solar power system can be covered in the near-term, and easily in the longer-term, when considering these advantages.

4. Solar energy providers offer extended warranties

Some solar energy providers also offer a complete confidence warranty to customers. It provides peace of mind to the homeowners that if anything doesn’t live up to expectations, they will have their back covered by the warranty. The homeowner will not have to go after different vendors and manufacturers to claim the warranty. Instead, it will just be one company that gives you the warranty so you’ll need to go to one place and nowhere else.

5. Carbon footprint reduction

Whenever we talk about solar energy benefits or reasons to install a solar power system, the environmental benefits cannot be ignored. The reduction in the carbon emissions, resulting from reduced fossil fuel consumption, is one of the biggest reasons for most people switching to solar power systems. As a responsible citizen, you tend to want to contribute to the solution for climate stabilization and the preservation of our ecosystem. Solar energy helps us contribute to preserving our most precious and limited resources (clean water, air, and land), while also upgrading the energy-security and the value of your home.

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