Pytes Battery Cables – For Pytes Batteries & Solar Panels


PYTES Quick Clip n go cables 6 ft length,  4 AWG with 5/16th Lug crimped on the end.

Use one cable to connect from the top of the battery rack to your inverter, and another from the bottom of the battery rack to the same inverter, or to another unit.



1 = $29.99 / Set of 2 = $59.99

Dandelion Renewables brings forth the perfect companion for your Pytes battery system. The cables provides a seamless connection point between the Pytes battery and your solar panels or inverter. The high-end construction of the cable ensures an efficient current passage with minimum power losses.  

The cable helps you get the maximum benefits from your PYTES battery. It is 2 meters (6.5 ft.) long. The length ensures that you can utilize the space efficiently and easily connect your solar energy system with the PYTES Battery without worrying about short cords.


  • Compatible with Pytes E-BOX-48100R
  • 4 AWG with 5/16th Lug crimped on the tip
  • An optimal length of two meters (about 6.6 ft)
  • High-end insulation

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Set of 1 – Black, Set of 1 – Red, Set of 2