LP-DS300 / 48A*2


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Product Description

Introducing LP-DS300 / 48A*2, the ultimate solution for those seeking a high-powered, efficient charging station for their electric vehicles. With dual 25ft cables and a variable charging rate of up to 48A+48A, this product is designed to deliver fast charging times and a seamless charging experience.

Features And Functions:

  • Level 2 charging with J1772 Plug and dual 25ft cables, offering up to 19.2 kW (80 A) charging power
  • 3-year parts warranty for added peace of mind
  • 7-inch display, OSI15118, RFID, and onscreen QR code to initiate seamless paid charging sessions for customers
  • Native smart integration with the EVlution network for processing payments and usage monitoring
  • Wall mount and post-mounting options are available
  • Time Delay, Return To Max Power Level, Reset Ground Fault, Power, Cold Start, Charging State, Reduced Power Level, Authentication
  • Connected/Not Connected During Operation, Signal Strength During Commissioning

To learn more about LP-DS300 / 48A*2, download our PDF on the 300-Series Double Here: 300-Series-Double.pdf