Brackets for E-Box-48100R


In order to install the E-BOX-48100R Battery more conveniently and reduce installation costs, DLG has developed this battery bracket. You can use it on a single battery or on multiple battery packs. Compared with cabinet storage, besides taking up less space, the bracket can ventilate and reduce the heat much more easily.



Unit Dimension 146mm*50mm*447mm(2U)
Unit Weight 1.15kg

Single battery: A battery needs to be equipped with 2 brackets. The effect diagram of the installation is shown below. Note that the front and rear supports are different. The front bracket has additional screw holes to connect with the battery panel. Please install the battery and the bracket horizontally during installation to avoid scratching the insulating coating on the surface of the battery.

Multiple batteries: The first step is to install a single battery on the bracket. The installation method is the same as the above method. The second step requires battery assembly. There are four buckles on each bracket. After stacking the two batteries , The buckles of the upper and lower brackets must to be locked.

It is recommended to stack up to 3 batteries.

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