What Is Net-Zero and Sustainable Farming And How Can It Help The Environment?

Farms Contribution to Greenhouse Gases

Farming is known to produce significant amounts of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane. Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is absorbed by growing plants and slowly released as it decays.

Nitrous oxide is produced in the soil from the breakdown of synthetic fertilizers and animal manure. Methane comes from manure as well as enteric fermentation.

Net-Zero farming refers to practices that will allow farmers to move towards net-zero carbon emissions. Farming has been a huge contributor to the emission of climate change gases. Between 10 and 20% of all greenhouse emissions worldwide (around 12 billion tons CO₂ equivalent) have been laid at the feet of farmers.

For modern societies, an increasing proportion of power requirements are being fulfilled by sustainable and renewable energy technologies. The potential of many different types of renewable energy remains largely untapped, but the technology used to harness solar, wind, geothermal energy has become very vast and effective. Particularly, energy efficiency and solar energy are becoming the leading solutions that have the potential and feasibility in the current market to achieve Canada’s Net-Zero Farming initiative target.

Solar Systems For Net-Zero Farming

Companies like Dandelion Renewables are trying to deliver better and cost-effective solar energy solutions. Our main aim is to enable more people to experience the benefits of solar systems, especially farmers.

Dandelion Renewables president Mikhail Ivanchikov has built solar farms in Alberta and is now working with the provincial government to propose the conversion of farm buildings to net-zero energy.

In a recent event, Ivanchikov talked about how the company – in collaboration with the opposition – aims to help the province’s farmers and ranchers turn a symbol of their past into an emblem of their future.

At an event that took place in front of the 112-year-old former Stewart livery stable in inner-city Inglewood in Calgary, he said,

“Designing and upgrading Alberta agricultural facilities toward net-zero not only helps the environment but also helps to reduce dependency on the (current energy) system and puts control back into the farmers’ hands. As Alberta electricity and transmission distribution charges continue to rise, it allows farmers to generate their own renewable energy, store that energy, and implement savings to minimize that green costs and the exposure to volatile energy prices.”

It is essential to convert farm buildings to net-zero energy, and with the help of Dandelion Renewables, you can achieve this with affordable solutions and government incentives.

Conversion To Net-Zero Farming

Contrary to the common misconception, to convert your farm to net-zero does not require you to give it up. The government has employed $55 billion to help Canada achieve net-zero by 2050.

With the help of this government initiative, we can achieve net-zero by shifting to more renewable sources of energy – the best option being solar energy. Farmers also need to reduce fertilizer use, maintain high levels of soil health, and change to grazing systems that help retain biodiversity and reduce emissions associated with livestock.

At Dandelion Renewables, we have studied more than 100 agricultural facilities, including pork farms, greenhouses, dairy farms, grain elevators, and bee-keeping facilities. Based on this, we have designed a net-zero solar process that keeps the key aspects of any business, including resources, revenue sources, and growth expectations, intact.

Barns and grain elevators, and other agricultural buildings have been part of our landscape for generations; hence, we want to help convert them to a sustainable and Net-zero operation while still preserving them.

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