Owners: Tribal Chiefs Ventures

Owner Comments

Dandelion Renewables just recently completed installing our commercial solar project. The team was very professional, proficient at keeping company downtime to a minimum during the transition and did an excellent job of keeping us informed. They obtained all the necessary permits and followed up regarding the required inspections. To assist with complying with the Government of Alberta reporting requirements for the Indigenous Solar Program, Dandelion Renewables provided a comprehensive commissioning report. We would recommend working with Dandelion Renewables for any solar project. Read more about the advantages of grid-tied solar systems.

Project Details

  • Operating Since: 04/06/2018
  • Solar Panels: 276 x LG, 395W
  • Racking: Schletter WindSafe
  • DC Power Rating: 109.02kW
  • Inverter: 3 x SMA, 30kW
  • Solar Production Data: sunnyportal.com
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