Solar Power for a Business While renewable energy continues to be adopted in residential settings, commercial scale renewable projects also have huge potential to help save businesses, building owners, and farmers even more money each year. Commercial renewable energy projects in Alberta have a few advantages that they are able to capitalize on. These include:
  • Economies of Scale – Large projects benefit from generally being more efficient, they have lower installation costs per watt. Large project size is especially critical for wind projects where larger turbines and taller tower provide access to stronger winds.
  • Lower Operating Costs – The variable components in a utility bill for commercial, irrigation, or farm services usually represent a large portion on a bill. This makes it easier for renewables to economically lower the operating costs. If the business primarily consumes electricity during the day, grid-tie solar can provide even larger savings in transmission and distribution charges.
  • Time of the Day Value for Solar Power – At sites with interval meters, solar power captures hourly power pool prices that are higher than an average monthly price.
  • Low Risk Investment in Solar Power – Photovoltaic systems require virtually no maintenance and provide a buffer against rising utility costs.
  • Better Energy Access – Commercial properties with large rooftops, and farms with available land are prime candidates to install larger renewable energy systems.
  • Depreciation Incentives – Power producers that generate electricity for profit benefit from faster tax depreciation.
  • Marketability – Installing a renewable energy system such as wind or solar power demonstrates a corporate commitment to quality and to the environment, which helps separate you from your competitors.
We will customize the project structure to ensure that you receive the maximum number of benefits from the system. Dandelion Renewables makes sure that there are no surprises and it is always clear how our customers receive benefits from a renewable energy system.