The easiest and very cost effective thing a builder can do to encourage solar is to build new homes as solar-ready.

Dandelion Renewables has developed a 4 step process to ensure that a new home is truly solar-ready for future solar electric and thermal solar installation.

  1. Dandelion Renewables consults with the builder about best practices for a specific home at either the design, or construction stage;
  2. Dandelion Renewables designs solar-ready components and designs the solar PV system that maximizes the house solar potential;
  3. Dandelion Renewables installs the recommended solar-ready components;
  4. Dandelion Renewables supplies and install solar-ready labels and issues a Home Solar Ready Checklist.

There is an average of 17 items on the checklist that would help a homeowner appreciate the builder’s commitment to green building. While our approach of designing solar systems during earlier stages is unique, it is essential in order to help builders optimize the solar efficiency of house designs. Refer you builder to Dandelion Renewables and we will be happy to educate, and train them in how to build solar-ready items at your home in Alberta, Saskatchewan or British Columbia.

Capturing the maximum solar potential at the construction stage helps the homeowner to economically switch to photovoltaic power, or solar thermal energy sooner. Working with us on solar-ready initiative is a win-win for the homeowner, builder and Dandelion Renewables because:

For homeowner:

  • it saves 50% of the cost compared to doing it at a later date;
  • it shows builder’s commitment to green practices;
  • each solar-ready component is explained and measured in the certificate.

For builder:

  • solar ready is easy to incorporate
  • solar ready houses are easier to sell when it has the detailed certificate;
  • it helps to differentiate your building company from competition.

For Dandelion Renewables:

  • it helps to promote intelligent energy choices;
  • it makes the future installations of photovoltaic power or thermal solar straightforward.