Dandelion Renewables is a long-serving Saskatchewan solar power company that has completed hundreds of renewable energy projects in Western Canada since 2011. We provide our Saskatchewan-based residential and commercial customers with the highest quality solar EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) services for ground-mounted and rooftop solar projects.

Solar technology augments our thorough feasibility studies; that’s why solar power production has become our primary expertise. At Dandelion Renewables, we firmly believe that solar power is highly significant for building a self-sustainable society. Some of our specialized Saskatchewan solar projects include grid-tied solar, off-grid solar, rooftop solar, ground-mounted solar, and solar-ready.

We are forever adapting to newer technologies in the solar power sector. We also take immense pride to be one of the first in Saskatchewan to have:

  • Completed lithium-ion phosphate battery systems for off-grid and hybrid solar systems
  • Built coupled off-grid solar PV and energy storage arrangements
  • Successfully connected driven piles for ground-mounted solar projects
  • Invested in solar commissioning devices, allowing us to measure I-V curves to know about the quality of our installed solar products

Saskatchewan Solar Panel Incentives

Our Saskatchewan solar incentives include the Saskatchewan Solar Net Metering Program that provides the registered residents, businesses, and farms with partial refunds for installing grid-tied solar PV systems, with a maximum of 100 kW.

Saskatchewan Solar Power Installation Services

Our Saskatchewan solar customers contracted Dandelion Renewables to finalize the solar installation process in numerous solar areas, including grid-connected and off-grid residential solar, commercial solar, utility-scale solar, solar for farmers, and municipal solar.

Our Saskatchewan Solar Panel Installation Team

Dandelion Renewables employs only the finest solar installation team in Saskatchewan. Our solar team has both country-wide and international experience and training in solar panel installations. Some of the outstanding professionals we employ include journeyman and master electricians, proficient engineers, and chartered accountants.

Contact us for more information or get a free estimate at 306-661-7719