Do you want to tap into the vast renewable energy resources around us, but do not know where to start? Are you not sure if a wind turbine, or solar panels, biomass CHP or ECM ventilation motors or a combination is a better decision for you? Renewable energy feasibility studies are a great way to start!

Our feasibility studies help you to make an educated choice about energy options. We can help you to find an innovative renewable technology that gives the best energy output for the investment and satisfies your own requirements, such as minimum environmental footprint, reliable power back-up, self-sustainable stand-alone system, or even a system that helps you to meet your marketing targets.

Based on your choice, we design an energy system to meet your specific needs. Our recommended solution is often unique to the customer business application, energy market conditions, local energy resource and local government support. There is no one best technology that works best in all applications.

Our team has experience in conducting feasibility studies in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia for the following technologies: solar electric, geo-exchange, solar thermal, solar wall, biomass CHP, biogas, wind, heat recovery ventilation, battery storage, peak-demand shifting, fuel switching, lighting, ventilation and electrical vehicles.