Every year we notice an increase in the energy storage demand, which is driven by new technologies, frequent natural disasters and escalating distribution and energy charges.

Back in 2004, we allocated a budget and time for testing different battery technologies in the cold Canadian climate. We found a lithium-ion battery that performed exceptionally well in the cold and in the normal operating conditions. The economics of li-ion batteries are on par with flooded lead-acid when taking into account the longevity of lithium-ion, no maintenance and no need to build a vented battery box.

Multiple battery technologies are available today. For some energy storage applications, lead-acid flooded batteries are still the best technology, for some, it is lead carbon and for many applications it is li-ion.

Dandelion Renewables is capable of designing and installing energy storage systems for many applications in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia, including:

  • Off-grid renewable systems;
  • Price arbitrage for grid-connected systems;
  • Demand charge management;
  • Back-up for power outages;
  • Voltage support and protection from power quality degradation;
  • Transmission or distribution upgrade deferral;
  • Renewable energy capacity firming.