Our History and Experience

Back in 2011, the founders of Dandelion Renewables started the company with an idea to spread the best energy-efficiency and renewables ideas to the community. Energy efficiency studies for residential, commercial and industrial customers were the very first projects we completed as the company.

By 2012 our work on Energy-efficiency for agricultural customers caught the attention of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry government department. Under the Growing Forward program, the government rewarded us to conduct detailed energy assessment work for Alberta greenhouses and Alberta Pork facilities and granted us the status of the first approved Energy Assessment Provider.

Dandelion Renewables completed energy assessments for auto-mechanics shops, warehouses, hotels, community halls, greenhouses, pork barns, dairy barns, chicken barns, grain producers, beef producers, Hutterite Colonies, and breweries. The combined effort of our energy efficiency work in MWh of conserved energy far exceeds MWh of solar-generated energy that we installed. Find more case-studies on the energy-efficiency portfolio page.

Energy Assessment Services

Efficient energy use should be a prerequisite to energy design and production. Our energy assessment services include:

  • Analysis of historical energy consumption.
  • Electricity bill model with variable/fixed charges breakdown.
  • Measure current energy loads and conduct an interview with the owner/ operator.
  • Modeling of current loads to match historical consumption.
  • Recommended efficiency upgrades including an estimated budget, predicated energy savings, lifetime of equipment, the annual rate of return, and payback.

Frequently, energy assessments can substantially decrease a customer’s power and heating needs. Implementing the energy conservation measures prior to designing a renewable energy system helps to properly size the energy generation to match the improved energy consumption. A smaller renewable energy system results in a reduced installation cost.

From lighting to appliances there is an abundance of energy-efficient choices to consider, we can help you decide what energy-efficient upgrades are the right choices for you, show you how the upgrades would impact your power bill, and tell you which item has the shortest payback. We can also set up a 5-year energy efficiency plan, where savings from the top effective energy-efficiency upgrades are re-invested to the upgrades down the list. This way a fairly small initial investment in the first year can help to make a substantial impact over the 5-year plan.

The more energy assessments we do, the more we are amazed at the number of ways they can benefit our clients. For some of our clients in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia we have been able to come up with recommendations that can reduce as much as 50% of the power consumption, and can improve the functionality of the power equipment. Consumers who are conscious of their energy consumption can decrease their bills while reducing their environmental footprint.