Efficient energy conservation should be a prerequisite to energy design and production. For almost every renewable energy system we recommend starting with a feasibility study that will measure all the electric loads, in an existing house, or will model the electric loads, in a new construction.

Frequently, the feasibility study can substantially decrease a customer’s power needs. Implementing the energy conservation measures suggested in the feasibility study, a client’s power needs will decrease which means that a smaller renewable energy system will fit the client’s needs. A smaller system results in a reduced installation cost.

From lighting to appliances there are an abundance of energy efficient choices to consider, we can help you decide what energy conservation efficient upgrades are the right choice for you, show you how the upgrades would impact you power bill, and tell you which item has the shortest payback.

The more feasibility studies we do, the more we are amazed with the number of ways they can benefit our clients. For some of our clients we have been able to come up with recommendations that can reduce as much as 50% of the power consumption, and can improve the functionality of the power equipment. Consumers who are conscious of their power consumption can decrease their power bill, while reducing their environmental footprint.

Our feasibility study assessment services include:

  • A report of electrical consumption with:
    • Analysis of historical energy consumption
    • Electricity bill model with variable and fixed charges broken down
    • Modeling of current loads to match historical consumption to guarantee accuracy
    • Recommended efficiency upgrades including an estimated budget, predicted energy savings, life time of equipment, annual rate of return, and payback
  • Purchasing of the electrical and lighting equipment and the minimum cost
  • Handling any permit work
  • Installation of the recommended equipment
  • Measuring the actual energy savings and calculating the impact on the electricity bill

We will do our best to improve your energy conservation system as best as possible. We serve Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia regions.