Owners: Samoan Highland Retreat

Owner Comments

“In February 2013 after a quite devastating Cyclone Evan in Samoa, we at Samoan Highland Hideaway were without power for 6 weeks. Thus through our common Edmonton base, I asked Mikhail of Dandelion Renewables to install an off-grid system for us in Samoa.

After the last 5 years of operation, we decided to upgrade the system to be totally flexible to cater for the difficult operating conditions here, particularly with respect to battery systems. Humidity and lighting reek havoc on so many systems and appliances here in the heart of the tropics.

Mikhail answered our call and promptly prepared a unique redesign, ordered all the new components and arrived in Samoa for implementation….. and a fabulous holiday with his family. So our report is that all systems are functioning wonderfully. The modifications for daytime operation are superb, after being sorely tested by another recent Cyclone Gita, I am happy to report not even a “blink” of interruption.

Many thanks to Mikhail, team and our local staff here.”
– Tim Walkden-Brown


Project Details

  • Solar Panels: 20 x Aleo, 235W
  • DC Power Rating: 4.1kW
  • Inverter: 1 x SMA Sunny Boy 4000
  • AC Coupled with:¬†Magnum MS4124PE
  • Batteries: Li-ion Lithionics 200Ah

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