Owners: Diana and Wayne

Owner Comments

We are so happy with the job Dandelion Renewables have done with our Photovoltaic system. Beginning with our initial meeting, the site evaluation, planning, installation, and post evaluation; Dandelion Renewables have been a pleasure to work with. Everything that they said would be done was done on time and on budget. Any problems that occurred were handled smoothly and without any delay. Mikhail had been remarkably accessible for any questions and has been a real advocate for our system, which is the first of its kind in our county.


Project Details

  • Operating Since: 2014-05-01
  • PV Cells: 28 SunEdison F305ByC 305W Modules
  • DC Power Rating: 8500W Grid Tied System
  • Inverter: Power One PVI-3.8-OUTD-S-US
  • Solar supplies a newly built straw-bale house and a farm

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