New Regulations for Renewable Energy in Alberta What could further facilitate spreading of the renewable energy to the fertile Alberta ground? As a development of new rebates, incentives and regulations for renewable energy is under way in Alberta Energy and City of Edmonton cabinets, we would like to share Dandelion Renewables thoughts on this question:
  1. Allow residential, small commercial and farmers to get hourly price for generated power. Alberta hourly power prices tend to be higher at the times of a day when there is more solar power. As a result, solar power generators could capture higher revenues if hourly, not monthly prices are used for settlement.
  2. Pay back to distributed generators credits for transmission charges and partially distribution charges. Locally generated power is either consumed right on the site or by a neighbor next door, thus distributed generators elevate the load on transmission and distribution systems, and hence shall qualify for transmission and distribution credits.
  3. Subject to transformer capacity, approve net-positive micro-generators who produce more energy than their electricity consumption. If managed properly this change can improve the grid reliability and minimize the cost of distribution systems.
  4. Revise the micro-generation rules to permit virtual net-metering, where power generation and power consumption take place at different sites, possibly within the same municipality.
  5. Expedite the development of a protocol that will allow recognizing micro-generation GHG offset credits.
  6. Protect the regulation for $0.15/KWh paid to micro-generators for the excess of energy sold to the grid.
  7. Reward new buildings with high EnerGuide rating to support “Solar Ready” building best practices.
  8. For City of Edmonton, introduce Class “0” development permit (no cost) for roof-top solar arrays mounted flash to the roof.
  9. Set a time limit for wire service providers to install bi-directional meters. Once an interconnection agreement is signed and a final electrical inspection is passed, local wire service providers should have a limited timeframe to install bi-directional meters.
  10. Educate consumers about true cost of the renewable energy, power conservation and good practices for making optimal energy choices.
Let us know your thoughts?