Customer representative comments:

I would just like to say on behalf of Council and administration how much we appreciated that fact that Mikhail Ivanchikov never gave up, rarely took no for an answer and assisted the Town on anything that we needed help with, to successfully achieve this completed project, while working amidst a global pandemic is a great accomplishment. It is a job well done and Dandelion Renewables Management and staff should be highly commended for that. Thanks for all the hard work Mikhail and your team. Respectfully. Joyce Pierce, TOWN MANAGER TOWN OF BON ACCORD
Bon Accord-DJI_0485
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Project details:

  • Operating since: August 12, 2020
  • Solar Modules: 1728 x LONGi, 375W
  • DC Power Rating: 648kW
  • Inverter: 3 x SMA, 150kW