Why Choose Us?

We believe that the solar revolution will not only help the environment but the financially conscious as well. Solar panels can help you save money, and various grants and incentives are available to help you install your solar panels. At Dandelion Renewables, we will ensure that you save and get the most from your solar panels by helping you choose the best solutions using our feasibility study. We source the best quality components and strive to provide the best solar installation in Western Canada.


It's never too late to go solar. Join the communities preferring the adoption of solar power in Kimberley, BC. At Dandelion Renewables, we specialize in solar power, energy conservation, and wind power solutions with complete professional assistance. We cover a wide variety of locations in BC, and we're proud to be a leading supplier of solar solutions throughout the area.

Our solar advisors are here to serve the people of Kimberley with their expert opinions and offers. Agriculture is an integral part of Kimberley, and opting for solar power in this region would be a great decision. Dandelion Renewables provides complete solar power solutions in Kimberley. Let us help you harness the true power of the sun.