How Much Solar Rebates Can You Receive In Edmonton?

The cost of solar panels in Canada has seen a dramatic decrease in recent years. More efficient installation methods, increased government rebates and incentives, and enhanced technological innovations have steadily driven solar panels’ prices down.

To further reduce your residential solar costs, learn more about the City of Edmonton’s new municipal solar power rebate program for homeowners wanting to install solar panels here.

With 2,300 hours of direct sunlight in an average year, Edmonton is one of Canada’s sunniest cities. While electricity only accounts for 16% of Edmonton’s total energy, it does produce around 40% of the overall Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

With rooftop solar panels, you can protect yourself from fluctuating energy rates. You can also help limit your home and your community’s carbon emissions footprint by investing in roof solar panels.

Edmonton and Federal Rebates

If your house is well-positioned for solar energy, the following example will help you to quantify roughly the amount for Edmonton and Federal Rebates you could qualify for:

Dandelion Renewables would install an 8KW solar PV system for roughly $18,000 (this price is subject to the site assessment); The City of Edmonton Solar Rebate would pay $0.4/W up to $4,000, which in this example will be $3,200. The new Canada Greener Home Grant can fund up to $5,000 towards energy-efficiency upgrades or Solar PV installation. Combining together the City of Edmonton Rebate and Canada Greener Home Grant leaves you to cover: $18,000 – $3,200 – $5,000 or only $9,800.

What Is The “Change Homes For Climate – Solar Program” CHCSP?

Edmonton offers homeowners an incentive to get solar energy systems put on their roofs. The Edmonton incentive only applies to residential buildings and not commercial or industrial properties. The city of Edmonton helps its residents install solar power systems in their homes to produce renewable energy.

Producing local renewable energy is one of the most practical ways to take action on climate change. “The city is offering Edmontonians $0.40/watt towards the system’s cost, roughly 15% of the cost of going solar”.

Who Is Eligible For Edmonton’s Solar Rebate Program?

Anyone who proposes to install a solar photovoltaic PV system on their residential property in Edmonton is eligible to apply for this program. Residential property includes a building located within the municipal boundaries of Edmonton having one of the following residential uses under Edmonton’s City zoning bylaw #12800:

  • Apartment housing
  • Duplex housing
  • Row housing
  • Semi-detached housing
  • Single-detached housing
  • Stacked row housing

Which Solar Projects Are Eligible For CHCSP?

To qualify for this program, you need to have installed a grid-tied solar system compliant with the Alberta Government’s Micro-generation Regulation (AR27/2008). You must have installed your system through a qualified solar installer only. All of its parts must meet the requirements of the Canadian Standards Association CSA for electrical safety.

Hire Expert Solar Energy Contractors

The city of Edmonton will pay a rate of $0.40 per watt according to your total installed solar systems capacity up to a maximum amount of $4000. Contact your expert solar energy contractors to know about eligible costs and other related concerns.

To take full advantage of the Edmonton solar rebate program, you should hire a qualified solar energy contractor in your area. An experienced solar panel installer can answer all of your queries regarding the solar panel economics for your home, technical aspects of how solar panels operate, and provide updated information about available solar rebates and eligibility concerns.

Dandelion Renewables provides its residential clients with highly efficient grid-tied solar power systems across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. Visit our website to learn more about our solar services or contact us for personalized service.