Growing Forward On-Farm Solar PV Program is Announced Growing Forward 2 On-Farm Solar PV program was announced today. The program funding will apply to micro-generation sites, where generated on-farm solar power will be used to offset the farm power consumption. The focus of this incentive will be on supporting both the environmentally friendly energy generation and energy efficiency. Mikhail The level of funding depends on whether an energy assessment was conducted and if a PV contractor installs the system. The funding will be limited by $50,000 per system and the total program budget is $0.5M in this fiscal year. The funding must be allocated before March 31, 2016, and will be paid in advance of the installation based on the supply and installation contract signed and an executed micro-generation interconnection agreement. More info can be found at On-Farm Solar PV program This program follows a 2-year Solar PV Pilot program that Growing Forward 2 funded in 2011 and 2012 fiscal years. The last program was so successful that all the funding was allocated within weeks. By developing a new solar incentive program, the On-Farm Energy team once again prove that they are the ultimate leaders in Alberta for supporting renewable energy and energy efficiency. The impact of that support goes further and in the long-term minimizes Alberta farmer’s dependency on commodity prices.