ENMAX Solar Power – Spread the Renewables We were excited to receive in the mail an invitation to tap into solar power from ENMAX. The invitation is very empowering and it gets more people to think about energy alternatives and sustainability. The ENMAX direct mail reached over 8,000 people in Alberta and could help to make a real big difference in the generation choice that Albertan’s make. By making these energy choices in our homes and businesses, we can all make our communities a better and healthier place to live. Our experience proved that in addition to all solar power benefits listed in the ENMAX invitation, grid connected solar power in Alberta can be a cost-effective solution as well. Give us a call if you need a hand in the renewable energy feasibility study. We will do all the calculations for you and show the opportunities in the energy generation and energy conservation with the shortest payback, so you could make an intelligent energy choice yourself.