Energy Conservation – Economics


Investments in wind power have the potential to yield double digit returns, assuming proper selection of tower height and turbine at a good site. A good rule of thumb is that at the turbine hub height the average annual wind speed should exceed 5m/s to make the project feasible.


At current market prices the levelized cost of grid-tie photovoltaic energy is $0.11/kWh, which is on par with retail costs of grid power, a photovoltaic system will also help save on a portion of the distribution and transmission charges.


Constantly falling PV system costs, increasing power prices, a rise in distribution charges, and Dandelion Renewables commitment to find the best quality at the lowest price, all combine to make photovoltaic systems competitive and affordable in today’s power market. Keeping money in a high interest savings account yields an approximate 1.2% annual rate of return, investments in grid-tie solar projects can generate higher returns, reduce the impact of volatile commodity prices, and help the environment. By taking $20,000 out of your 1.2% savings account, and investing it in a solar power system which yields a 4.1% rate of return you will generate an additional $27, 664 after 25 years, compared to the savings account. More PV installations will allow Dandelion Renewables to leverage even better prices for large volume orders, and we would be able to pass those savings onto you, our customers. With your support we are confident that photovoltaic energy will become a major contributor to the power supply.