Change Homes for Climate – Edmonton Solar Program

While the province of Alberta rolls back on the climate action measures and withdraws the incentives for renewable energy programs, the City of Edmonton has announced its CHANGE HOMES FOR CLIMATE – SOLAR PROGRAM. The City is offering Edmontonians $0.40/watt towards the cost of the system, which is roughly 15% of the cost of going solar! 

Edmonton is one of the sunniest cities in Canada with 2,300 hours of sun in an average year. This provides great potential to shift the paradigm. The program is now opening up exciting opportunities for locals to take actions into their own hands. 

Who is eligible?

  • Anyone in the City of Edmonton who is planning to build a grid-connected solar system 
  • The solar system must be designed and installed by a qualified installer

How much is covered by the city program?

  • $0.40/W based on the total system capacity
  • A maximum of 40% of eligible system costs
  • Up to a maximum of $4,000

What is covered?

  • Solar PV equipment such as solar panels, racking, inverters, cabling, etc… 
  • Design, development, modelling and engineering
  • Permitting fees
  • Fees to upgrade the transmission and distribution system, if necessary

What is not covered?

  • items like GST and administrative costs
  • operation and maintenance
  • projects located on temporary structures
  • off-grid PV solar systems
  • self-installed solar projects
  • solar thermal projects

How can I participate?

Contact Dandelion Renewables so we can model, estimate and start the application process on your behalf.

If you have any further question, feel free to contact our office