Brazeau County Alberta Solar Rebate At the end of 2018 Brazeau County announced an additional solar incentive for residents and farms located in the Brazeau County. The rebate amount announced is $0.90/DC Watt of installed solar system capacity up to $10,000 limit per landowner within the County.  The Brazeau County solar rebate is paid in addition to the existing Energy Efficiency Solar Program Rebate. Based on the application form it seems that both residential electrical services and farm electrical services are eligible for the County solar rebate.  Also, both grid-tie and off-grid solar PV systems are eligible. Residents of the town Drayton Valley, Alberta are not qualifying for the solar program, as administratively they have their own municipal government. For grid-connected solar systems, the County will require the system approval from Energy Efficiency Alberta Solar Program or Alberta On-Farm solar program. For off-grid systems, the County will require receipt of purchase, proof of wattage and pictures. To qualify, the systems cannot exceed 15KW DC capacity and maximum allowable rebate per system is $10,000. The solar rebates will be issued quarterly. As an example, a residential customer in Brazeau can install an 11KW solar PV system with Energy Efficiency of Alberta contributing $10,000 rebate, Brazeau County contributing another $10,000 and the homeowner contribution is only around $7,000 plus taxes.