Avoid These Common Mistakes When Switching To Solar Energy Installing a solar power system at your residential or commercial property is a significant way of reducing your bills over the long term. When switching to solar energy, you might be tempted to install and power up your solar panels in a hurry, resulting in some costly mistakes. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common mistakes you should avoid when switching to solar energy:

Incorrect Number of Solar Panels

One of the primary mistakes homeowners or businesses often make is selecting the wrong size of the solar power system to achieve their energy production goals. Some of them consider their past energy bills to figure out their solar energy needs without considering other factors that impact solar productivity for the site. These factors include air temperatures, snowfall, the tilt and direction of their roof, and shading. Therefore, it’s essential to consider all variables when consulting with your solar installation expert. It will be helpful to size your solar panel system based on your current energy usage, your goals for decreasing your energy bills, your desired level of dependence on the power grid, and other objectives. Always hire a professional solar installer who can guide you through their entire process and help you find the most appropriately sized solar panel system.

Choosing Cheap Solar Options

This is one of the most common and costly mistakes that solar clients make. It’s increasingly important not to go too far when searching the market for the lowest cost system. A solar energy system is a significant piece of investment that should be taken as a valued addition to your residential property. When choosing a solar system, find the balance between price and quality to achieve the highest value. Reach out to solar experts who can introduce you to the most valuable solar options out there, and compare options for higher and lower cost options based on your solar energy needs and desired level of up-front cost, and long-term durability, and performance from the system.

Not Considering Solar Rebates And Incentives

It’s vital to understand various solar rebates and incentives your local government offers when calculating your solar energy needs and affordability regarding system size and type. There are several variations of solar systems that you can get, including Grid-tied, Off-Grid system, Grid-tied plus storage, Off-Grid with energy storage and backup, and more. The financial incentives and rebates related to these solar options can vary as well. Besides, many other factors, including location and electricity rates, can impact the solar refunds and incentive levels you can access.

Ignoring Multiple Quotes

No matter what service you get, you should always ask for multiple quotes before purchasing and switching to solar energy. Some services might charge you excessively for solar panels and installation. This can result in you losing a significant return on your investment by paying too much for the same energy savings. It’s favorable to get estimates from multiple solar companies. Ask them to break down each part of the power home or office solar costs to understand what you will pay for and what you will get. Ensure that each potential solar installer evaluates your roof orientation, shading, and snow impact, and current electricity bills to estimate your solar system size and installation costs. No two solar installers will provide estimates with identical listed costs. However, the more specific information you ask for, the better they will provide you with clear cost lists when receiving estimates. Dandelion Renewables offers highly-efficient solar energy solutions to its residential and commercial clients across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and BC. Visit our website to learn more about our expert solar services, or contact us for personalized service.