Pytes E-BOX-48100R

The Perfect Companion For Your Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

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Pytes Battery E-BOX-48100R

Scouring for an immaculate off-grid solar power system storage prospect? Dandelion Renewables’ Pytes E-BOX-48100R Lithium Battery is the ideal option for all of your off-grid solar power storage requirements. Our Pytes battery is not only a safe companion to your solar panels but also a terrific space saver, exhibiting elevated Ul 1973 ratings and manufacturing and design principles that foster compactness. It has a competitive advantage over its rivals thanks to its superior assembly and layout. It is very simple to install and maintain this solar energy storage option.

Our Pytes battery is the perfect choice if a grid-tied solar system does not meet your energy needs. 5.12 kWh (51.2 volts at 100 amp hours) of unrestricted off-grid solar power storage is available via our Pytes battery. Our Pytes battery, when conjoined with our premium solar panels, is a sensible and practical investment for everyone in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia, regardless of the project size and energy requirement.

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About Dandelion Renewables
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We are a diverse team of adept renewable energy experts united by the common goal of seeking out superior solar power systems through innovation and wisdom. With sustainability at the heart of all our endeavours, we constantly strive to change the flawed consumption-based societal norms. The design problems in our civilization of consumerism have always troubled Dandelion Renewables' founders. Naturally, the next logical next step in the fusion of our values and our abilities was the founding of Dandelion Renewables. Our work has a huge impact on society, which motivates us to find better energy options that will enable us to live sustainably and in harmony with our ecosystem.

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Why Choose

Pytes batteries provide a safe, well-designed and high-performance standard LiFePo4 battery pack. The battery pack offer
many space-optimized assembly configurations, including.

shield shield


Pytes Batteries are made using LiFePO4 chemistry, which is one of the safest.

long-term long-term


Pytes E-BOX-48100R has a cycle life of 6000 cycles and a 90% depth of discharge, which makes it one of the best options for your solar energy storage needs.

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Smart BMS

Equipped with automotive-grade chips by a TI system, our battery comes with double protection by master chips.

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Wide Compatibility

Pytes Batteries are compatible with 18 of the most popular on/off-grid inverters on the market.

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Compact, Portable, Longer Service Life

PYTES batteries are compact, easy to install, free of maintenance, and come with a ten-year warranty.



  • UL 1973-2018, CEC, UN38.3, UL1642, UL9540A, SGIP Certified
  • 10-year warranty
  • Suitable for home applications, small commercial, industrial ESS, and Telecom stations
  • LiFePo4 chemical composition