ElectroDacus SBMS0 Battery Management System (BMS)


SBMS0 v03d is a controller for charging sources as well as a battery management system.

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Solar BMS is designed to replace the Lead Acid solar charge controllers most people use today in Off grid, RV, Boats and multiple other applications with 12V and 24V systems. Solar BMS can be used with banks of 3 to 8 Lithium cells in series (any type) or even supercapacitors. Cells can be paralleled to provide additional capacity, and will be monitored the same as one cell. SBMS0 v03d can be used with multiple DSSR20 (Sold Separately) to handle up to 30kW of Solar PV power. SBMS0 v03d can be given WiFi and USB access with the addition module (Sold Separately).