Do you want to tap into the vast renewable energy resources around us in Alberta but do not know where to start? Are you not sure if a wind turbine, or solar panels, or LED lighting or a combination is a better decision for you?

Our feasibility studies help you to make an educated choice about energy options. We can help you to find an innovative renewable technology that gives the best energy output for the investment and satisfies your own requirements, such as minimum environmental footprint, reliable power back-up, self-sustainable stand-alone system, or even a system that helps you to meet your marketing targets.

Based on your choice, we design an energy system to meet your specific needs, procure system components at the most competitive rates and install the system according to the highest industry standard and the local electric code. Dandelion Renewables provides support in maintenance of the renewable system to ensure its reliable operation in the long-term.

Solar Panels near Edmonton
Photos: Solar Power Projects in Edmonton area, Alberta

Our services include:
  • free initial consultation;
  • feasibility study for solar, wind or energy-efficiency;
  • roof-top and ground mounted solar panels installation;
  • wind power systems installation;
  • wind turbines service and maintenance;
  • grid-tie and off-grid projects design;
  • meteorological tower lease;
  • energy audits and electric load management;
  • municipal and regulatory applications;
  • advocacy for renewable and distributed generation.

What makes us different?

1. Dandelion Renewables believes in making a positive contribution to our planet in a financially conscious way. This is why we take the time to find all the options and propose only the best to you. Our feasibility study is an essential part of the process that typically allows us to diminish your power consumption first and then design a renewable energy system that fulfills all of the needs of your house, business or farm. We will help you make educated choices for your own solar/wind power generation and energy conservation - the long-term choices will save you money while saving our planet for future generations.

2. We ensure that the choices you make are meeting your long-term goals. We strive to have to best installation team in Alberta, deliver the best quality components, maintain the highest standard of installation and commissioning, and use the best system performance monitoring tools. In the long-run, all of these components will make a difference to your bottom line and leave you satisfied with your choice.

3. We are 100% open minded in terms of the system design options and brands of the components you chose.

Dandelion Renewables ensures that every installation becomes a positive experience for you, your family, your business and your neighbors. We are confident that by sharing and spreading this positive experience around we can all together make a world a better and a cleaner place to live.