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Whether residential or commercial, grid-tie or off-grid we have a green solution for you.

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Dandelion Renewables

What we do.

Do you believe, as well as we do, that renewable energy will contribute to our planet’s sustainable energy future? Do you want to get involved in solar power, wind power or energy efficiency? Then, there is no better time to act.

Whether you are looking for an investment to lower your utility bill or deciding how to tap into the vast renewable energy resources around us, Dandelion Renewables will help you to make an educated decision.

Our feasibility studies will help you to make an educated choice about all alternative energy options. We can help you to find an innovative renewable technology that gives the best energy output for the investment and satisfies your own requirements, such as minimum environmental footprint, reliable power back-up, stand-alone solar/wind/battery power system, or even a system that helps you to meet your marketing targets.

Based on your choice, wheather grid-connected or off-grid, we design an energy system to meet your specific needs, apply and receive all municipal permits, procure high quality system components at the most competitive rates and install the system according to the highest industry standard and the local electric code. Dandelion Renewables provides support in maintenance of solar energy or wind power systems to ensure reliable operation in the long-term.

Dandelion Renewables ensures that every project becomes a positive experience for you, your family, your business and your community. We are confident that by sharing and spreading this positive experience around we all together can make the world a better and greener place to live.

Our services:

  • solar system engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) and commissioning
  • feasibility studies for solar, wind and renewables
  • energy-efficiency audits for farms and businesses
  • structural, geotechnical and electrical engineering
  • pile-driving for ground-mount solar farms
  • wind site assessments and wind power due diligence
  • energy storage, hybrid systems, off-grid and renewable energy design and integration
  • operation and maintenance for solar and wind energy systems
  • microgrid designs and turn-key installations
  • solar water pumping, aeration and solar lights
  • electric car charging stations

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